Friday, 19 August 2011

Off to the capital

Hello people!
my hostfamily and me will drive all the way to buenos aires today.  its like a 7-8 hours trip, so well take of here at like 12:00 pm to be there in the morning. i gotta sleep alot in the car, cause im pretty sure we wont sleep all the day in the hotel, on the first day.  i am so excited to go there, i miss the big cities and cant get enough of them.  ill come back on monday noon, we have no school on monday for some reason i dont get. but whatevaaaa, as long ill go buenos aires...
i took lots of photos on tuesday, when we wen to cordoba for a day. those posts will be published automatically, and there will be around 3 posts because i wanna share all the pictures i took there, and they are kinda a lot for one single post.
hope you enjoy the first post, make sure to look at the others!

on tuesday, i didnt go to school because we went to cordoba, one of the biggest cities in argentina. i was so missing big cities and shopping, even though i only shopped 2 things, that were on sale.  we drove into the city around 11 am, the sun was shining, no clouds were seen and i wasnt too tired.  the first thing we did was we went in the centre, where all the old buildings are.  we went to a churches and all kinds of different places.   the centre and cordoba in general is such a beautiful place!  i really wanna go back there. i like all the old places there and the atmosphere is so city like. everyone is in a hurry, other people are waiting for the bus and and and...
hope you enjoy the photos i took!

In front of some church door

ps. i wore a vintage jeans shirt,  h&m shorts and a DIY shirt.  the glasses are rayban

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  1. deine karottentasche war dabei.. oder??rschöne, schöne fotos...sieht sehr spanisch aus, wie barcelona.,,bin gespannt wie buenes aires wird.. wäre ich jetzt auch gerne mit dir ..ach süße du fehlst !!