Monday, 15 August 2011


last friday my whole class met up at a friends house and we ate choripan, which is sossage with bread. they have lots of really funny names here, that i like.  my favourite word is popcorn, purruru. it just sound really funny saying it. we talked,  i didnt really understand a lot but it was still fun there. i already told you, but again i learn so much being here everyday it incredible. tomorrow ill go to cordoba, its like 2 hours ago from here, with the car.  i hope that great shops are there, i need to go shopping, its necessary!!  ill take some photos so there will be stuff to post about.   that post might be on wednesday then, or a little later. i took some photos from villa maria, the small town i live in.  those photos might be in this post or another one. i dunno yet.
well,  those are photos from that class meeting.

shorts: h&m || shirt:zara || jeans shirt: vintage

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