Monday, 29 August 2011

Im Spiegel des Todes

i wanted you to see this really really good picture my brother took.  if you like it, vote for him here, all the stars. it would mean alot to him, he wants to be a photographer.  (:

now to me and the buenos aires pictures. i dont know when i will upload them, i have so many and so little time but i will. itll be bit by bit im afraid, but better than nothing, right!



Thursday, 25 August 2011

i heart good air.

just a quick post, of my outfit in buenos aires one day.  i have aloooooot if photos to share with you.   went shopping alot.

scarf: zara || jeans: h&m ||  shirt: second hand

Saturday, 20 August 2011

Is there milk in heaven?

second cordoba post

after visiting all the building i had to know we went to drink a coffee in a really nice place.  it was near a museum and lots of photos were outside the museum so we walked around and looked at all the art before going to the coffeeshop.  it was really good kakao (i don like coffee) and near a church that was in a european style. then we visited the old libary of cordoba. there was a really nice garden i had to take photos of.   cordoba has so many old buildings and is so antique.   
i hope by the time you read this i will be in buenos aires and do alot of shopping or get to know the city! come back tomorrow to read and see more about cordoba.  

Friday, 19 August 2011

Off to the capital

Hello people!
my hostfamily and me will drive all the way to buenos aires today.  its like a 7-8 hours trip, so well take of here at like 12:00 pm to be there in the morning. i gotta sleep alot in the car, cause im pretty sure we wont sleep all the day in the hotel, on the first day.  i am so excited to go there, i miss the big cities and cant get enough of them.  ill come back on monday noon, we have no school on monday for some reason i dont get. but whatevaaaa, as long ill go buenos aires...
i took lots of photos on tuesday, when we wen to cordoba for a day. those posts will be published automatically, and there will be around 3 posts because i wanna share all the pictures i took there, and they are kinda a lot for one single post.
hope you enjoy the first post, make sure to look at the others!

on tuesday, i didnt go to school because we went to cordoba, one of the biggest cities in argentina. i was so missing big cities and shopping, even though i only shopped 2 things, that were on sale.  we drove into the city around 11 am, the sun was shining, no clouds were seen and i wasnt too tired.  the first thing we did was we went in the centre, where all the old buildings are.  we went to a churches and all kinds of different places.   the centre and cordoba in general is such a beautiful place!  i really wanna go back there. i like all the old places there and the atmosphere is so city like. everyone is in a hurry, other people are waiting for the bus and and and...
hope you enjoy the photos i took!

In front of some church door

ps. i wore a vintage jeans shirt,  h&m shorts and a DIY shirt.  the glasses are rayban

Monday, 15 August 2011


last friday my whole class met up at a friends house and we ate choripan, which is sossage with bread. they have lots of really funny names here, that i like.  my favourite word is popcorn, purruru. it just sound really funny saying it. we talked,  i didnt really understand a lot but it was still fun there. i already told you, but again i learn so much being here everyday it incredible. tomorrow ill go to cordoba, its like 2 hours ago from here, with the car.  i hope that great shops are there, i need to go shopping, its necessary!!  ill take some photos so there will be stuff to post about.   that post might be on wednesday then, or a little later. i took some photos from villa maria, the small town i live in.  those photos might be in this post or another one. i dunno yet.
well,  those are photos from that class meeting.

shorts: h&m || shirt:zara || jeans shirt: vintage