Sunday, 27 February 2011

cold munich

i am here in munich and its pretty cold!   i it would at least snow...!  but anyway,  its amazing being here!  seeing all my friends etc...
i spent my day with my old friend lotte.  it was a very fun day, and we took some amazing photos which im gonna put under here.  :)
well tomorrow ill go to the doctor and need to wake up pretty early--->  EWW!
good night<3

jeans shirt: levis, dress, coat and socks: stradivarius, bag: h&m.

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

quick summer, quick!

this is my first post, so i would like to introduce myself.  im clara and i live in ibiza but im german.
this blog is gonna be about my life.  
well, even though here is way more sun than in germany im still freezing every morning! today i took photos of my outfit.  i really like how all the colours match and i love love love this necklace! its a small little gold owl:)   apart from taking photos i didnt do alot.  i packed my suitcase, cause ill fly to munich tomorrow!  im seriously excited to see all my old friends and be in my hometown again. :)    
i think thats enough for today.


sunglasses: rayban, necklace: via, vest:pull&bear, shirt:h&m, pants: blanco, socks: stradivarius