Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Im still here

i am in argentina now, for over a week. its great here, im enjoying it alot! everybody is so welcoming and patient here, its unbelievable!  sometimes the people i talk to need to repeat themselfs 5 times until i understand it! and also the school! i dont really do anything in school apart from copying down whats on the board and learning my vocabularies. none of the teacher give me anything to do,  like that i still have holidays, kind of.  the really really annoying thing is that i wake up at half 6 (from monday to friday) and im missing good ibiza summer weather. here, on the other side of the world its winter now. but at least the weather is better now than some days ago.  i think spring will start soon! i cant wait for that.  i havent been taking lots of pictures, partly because its really cloudy and i dont like cloudy light, and partly because im always afraid in losing my camera.  but here are some photos from the first day i was here,  meating with some of my host sister friends.  the first week was so hard! i didnt understand anything, this spanish is so different to the one in spain. but now im understanding and learning more and more.  i feel so well here, but im missing my family, friends and the location i know.  ill tell more about my new life here on the next post.  hope you enjoy the pictures.  by the way, i am living really near to a river,  and that girl is my great host sister!  

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