Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Hello argentina

wrote this last thursday, in the airplane

Hello people
Im writing this while sitting in the airplane, on the way to my new life. Some of you might already know, but the ones that don’t: im moving to argentina for half a year to live with a hostfamily.  I have a really long travel left behind me, but for some reason im not tired at all. From Madrid to Rio de Janiero I slept most of the time or I just read stuff. After about 5 hours sitting on the same seat the whole time my bum really started to hurt. But I needed to live with it for the next 5 hours. The flight was all in all 10 hours long.  Then I had to go into the next plane that would transfer me to Cordoba. And here I am, having a whole road of seats for my own.  BIG LIKE!
In the first plane I was really sad about leaving Europe and my friends but now im soooo excited! I wouldn’t have thought that my heart actually makes little jumps and the adrenaline pumps through my body while thinking about this great opportunity my family offered me.  By that I wanna say thank you to my family, I hope you all read this!
Now there 17 more minutes remaining until I touch a whole new ground, begin a whole new life. And there we go, I have turn off my electrical computer :D  now that I wrote everything and chose the pictures, the only thing to do is having great internet! So Ill just ask god to help me. Hope he hears me.
By the way ill tell you about my trip to my hometown munich next time! Or the time after that. Depends on how much ill tell you about everything in argentina.
Byeeee! And have a great summer!


  1. Seems like we administered the right dose of freedom and change... Enjoy!
    I am proud of you

  2. this looks like bayern ...
    beautiful as you write ...
    I hope for more..

  3. Claaaaara- ich hoffe du bist gut angekommen. Lass uns bald mal skypen. Vermiss dich schon und kann halloween kaum erwarten. <33