Thursday, 5 May 2011

Walking on sunshine

it was the third day of school today...  didnt post since... errrm.. sunday?   well, school was alright, you know school...  i was really happy to see all my friends again after the holidays.  :)  now im at a friends house and she took those really  good photos of me.   i bought these amaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazing shorts in urban outfitters in hamburg.   the shirt is from UO aswell, but i bought it last time when i was hamburg, over the christmas holidays.
 maja and me might play football now soo  goodbye.

haha and im sorry for the overload of photos. 

 sunnies: rayban // shirt: cooperative // shorts: levis // manas leafoscati // ring: i am


  1. Du bist sehr hübsch & es ist echt wahnsinn, was für einen tollen Style du hast, obwohl du so jung bist! Andere laufen mit 14 ja eher mit Mickymaus-Pulli rum :D

  2. vielen dank! haha der vergleich mit dem mickeymouse pulli. :D