Friday, 20 May 2011

Back from Mallorca

the mallorca trip was sooooo great!  we did alot.  every day was really was really exciting but exhausting...   we did scuba diving (which wasnt as good as in ibiza),  zip line,  kajak,   jumping off 10-meter cliffs and a lot more.  the hotel we stayed in was horrible,   so was the food,  but the island is really pretty, all the trees, mountain and the weather.   once we rented a katamaran and went somewhere with it,   when we were in somewhere in the sea a banana boat came.  i didnt fall off, but no-one did...  i even swam in the sea without wet suit! :)  we played alot of billiard and table tennis,  i think kinda every evening. all in all the trip was really amazing


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  1. ich glaub du mußt auch fotografin werden...deine bilder sind wunderschön...