Sunday, 1 May 2011

21 more hours

i have my last 21 hours in hamburg.  i will fly back to ibiza tomorrow at 13:00.  it was such a lovely time here in germany. the weather was nearly always great apart from the last 2 days.  but wateva!  my feelings about going back to ibiza are split. i am happy to be back and see ma friends, mama, emil ( who is my brother)  and my house. but i also wanna stay here where my other part of family is, where i can go to town without a car and where i have my new friends.
i wore this outfit last thursday when i went to town with some friends. the top is h&m men and my brother gave it to me cause it became too small for him.  it looks kinda old what i like about it and it is special in its own simple way.  he says i look awful in it, thats why he wants it back, but i wont give it to him. ;)
today my family and me made a family day cause its my last day and it was nice.  we went on 2 paddleboat which was nice. and ill go to the river "elbe“ in a sec. to meet some friends.


ohh and tomorrow ill post the best pictures i took in hamburg in a video so dont forget to look.

shorts: levis || shirt: h&m men || necklace: via


  1. Forget what your brother says that shirt looks amazing on you! :)

  2. Hey du,
    echt tollen blog hast du :)
    ich würde mich freunen wenn du auch mal bei mir vorbei schaust und vielleicht sogar auch leser wirst :)
    freu mich auf dich und deine kommentare
    lg chrissi

  3. ahaha, isabella, thanks! :D and i will. ;)

    dankeschön. :) ja, dein blog ist gut.