Sunday, 29 May 2011

in the old casa

today my mom, my brother and me went to see the damage of the fire in the nature. but the police didnt allow us to get into the burned area, so we tried to find another way to get there. thats when we found this old, untidy and really cute house. it wasnt locked so we went in there to see how it looked like. it was really disgusting in there, there was junk everywhere but an amazing location for an outfit post. so here we go:

by the way, the fire isnt on anymore but the damage is huge. ohh and those are not my sunnies,  mine broke, and i dont have any others, my friend forgot them in my house i hope she isnt mad at me for that! 

sunnies: my friends || dress: danity || bracelet: DIY || sandals: manas leafoscati 


  1. Such a cute outfit, love your blog.