Monday, 5 September 2011

Buenos Aires Day 2 Part1

hello lovely readers!
i promised to myself to finish the Buenos Aires and Cordoba Posts someday this week. Just to clear up things. I have alot of photos i want to share with you, and im always like: "ok, today im definitely staying home to post this“ but then someone calls me and asks if i wanna meet up somewhere with them...  i dunno, i still enjoy taking photos but for some reason i never find the time nor my old enthusiasm about blogging. maybe that will change when i posted every single thing about my trips here in argentina.  and im thinking about changing my header cause its getting boring i think. now i downloaded Picasa but still have to figure out how it works and all.  now lets talk about my second day in Buenos Aires,  i dont even remember that well cause its a long time ago...

i must say i did not start well at all.  when we left the hotel to go to the "Casa Rosara“ (thats like the argentinian white house, where the president works stuff) i wanted to take a photo, dropped my lens cap and it fell into a street drain which was very deep and very dark, it was the last time i saw it.  well after that we went to the Casa Rosara and a man explained every single room, which took hours, and i didnt even understand it all because it was in spanish.  greeeeaaaaaat. anyways, after that we went to the Colon Teatro Buenos Aires which is how you might guess a theatre. that was alot more intersting bacause it didnt take like 3 hours, only 1.  and the guy explaining everything talked really slowly. after all that not really interesting stuff we went to drink cacoa, which is different here, they have normal powder cacao but everyone seems to prefer a subarino which is basically hot milk with a bar of chocolat you can either dip into the milk or just put it in the milk. i personally like it more aswell, its just mor delicous.  after we went to do the fun part, we went to palermo soho, a really really nice neighborhood which is full of young people and good stores.

thats it for today, ill post about palermo soho tomorrow.   hope you like that post, and im pretty sure ill post more tomorrow


Some homeless guy sleeping in a park in front of the Casa Rosara

Entry of Colon Teatro

Casa Rosada

Some random heater i found in la Casa Rosada

Thats the theaters ceiling


h&m jeans || second hand jenas shirt || zara scarf

bought the rosary the other day in front of a really cute church

This is just a little taste of Palermo Soho- more tomorrow! 


  1. vielen dank clara dass du uns teilhaben läßt an deinen erlebnissen.
    deine fotos sind "weltklasse" u dein text echt "gnomig"
    freu mich auf mehr...!!!

  2. wie Dir regelmäßige Strukturen und Symmetrie auffallen...macht Deine Bilder spannender als das Original.