Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Buenos Aires Day 2 Palermo Soho

yess, i was totally in love with Palermo Soho.  its such a great neighborhood and it reminds me a little of a neighborhood in Hamburg calles „Schanze“ with alot of small cute shops, lots of young people and is doesnt seem to sleep.  thats also the reason why there is such an overflow of photos in this post,  its only about Palermo Soho and T.G.I. Friday.Argentinians love american food, and they eat it whenever they have the opportunity.
in palermo soho i foud really really nice boots and a golden shirt. my hostsister kinda forced me to eat an apple with popcorn, the popcorn was really good but the apple was disgusting. :D

tomorrow more about day 3 in buenos aires

Shop in Palermo Soho
Delfina and mein front of the Colon Teatro

I soo loved the shoes, were pretty pricey though...

i really wanted those tights, but the shop was closed

Como te extraño CLARA

She decided to put my camera bag on her head... :D

Eating that kinda apple thing

T.G.I. Friday

my hostsister and me were totally in love with skitlles