Thursday, 1 September 2011

Buenos Aires Day 1

yes, finally ill post about buenos aires.  first of all, it was wonderful and im so in love with this city! its big and dirty and just awesome!  there are lots of good shops, and i shopped alot.  there will be another post about that.
we went to buenos aires by bus,  it was a 7 hour trip!  :o  right after we checked in in the hotel we ate breakfast and went to do a city tour. we visited la boca and other places, but i cant remeber the name right now. it was reaaaaally cold, but for some hours sunny.
just look at the photos! theyll explain it all.


  1. clara, so schöne fotos..ich kann mir gut vorstellen wie es da aussieht..Danke fürs posten ja immer viel arbeit !!!

  2. Clara, hast Du schon mal Deine Blogstatistik gecheckt? Kann man einstellen und abrufen in Deinem Blogger-Account. Da müßten meine Millionen von Klicks drin sein und die Millionen der anderen auch, die immer auf Deine Posts warten....