Friday, 1 July 2011

what i wore on the plan b concert

hey lovelies
just wanted to show you the outfit i wore at the Plan B night in ibiza rocks, exactly a month ago.  asos photographed me that night, and i completely forgot to tell you.  well, what i wore was just my levis jeans and a shirt i made myself. i think ill show you the whole shirt another day, cause the back is speciaaaaaaaal. ;)   just cut holes init.
in the picture im standing next to my friend maja, and its the fifth photo from above. how i told you the night was amaaaaaaazing, and i really like thinking back to it
click here, thats the link (:
now i gotta run,  going to a restaurant with la familia y amigosssss  

the link one more time:

aaaand this is the picture, found a way to show it in this post (: