Monday, 11 July 2011

last few photos in ibizaaaaa

today i went to town with mama. i am soo excited she bought me an underwater camera! i cant wait to use it, i wanted one of them for such a long time! but its an analogue camera, so itll take some time to develop the film and i didnt take any photos yet... enough of town. ill go to munich in 11 days and after 6 days staying there im leaving to argentina for half a year. im sure it will be a really interesting year for me, but im still reeeeeally nervous about going there and living in my host family, school, new friend and especially the language. im sure ill miss everyone here and in germany... at least i can see them all before leaving. im still thinking about doing a goodbye party in ibiza and i think i will. i just cant be bothered to plan everything :D anyways, im sure i will do one and plan the whole thing...
yess, and now what i wore in ibiza town. i was so warm in this skirt, because its really thick cloth. but i prefer heat to cold... im tored i have to sleep. nightnight

ohoh! have you seen my kongfu panda tattoo?? :D  

shirt and skirt: h&m || sunglasses: rayban || sandals: manas leafoscati


  1. Your top is so pretty and such a wonderful pattern on your skirt! It's so nice that your parents would understand and they take photo's, really sweet. My parents hardly know how to use a computer so explaining it to them would be confusing, plus they would probably think its pervy also! Thanks for your comment, made me realise things a lot :)

  2. I love the skirt!


  3. thank you everyone! my mama took those pictures (: xo

  4. I like your blog. Check out mine!

  5. Hallo :)
    i really enjoy klicking throug your blog, you're pretty inspirativ.