Saturday, 11 June 2011


i am so so sorry, i werent posting for over a week now! 
anyways, i went to Ibiza Rocks last wednesday,  the 01.06.   it was the opening so a famous singer came.  guess who it wassssss.  PLAN B! that night was soo amazing and we had so much fun. haha he is so ugly! :D  
well, after that i went to germany for a couple of days. i had to go to a meeting there so i didnt really take alot of pictures.  i might post some after.  there were lots of other kids in my age and it was faaaaanny.  
i have exam week next week and its my brothers birthday tomorrow so im kinda busy...   i still need a present for him so  ill go "shopping“ now.


thats my favourite plan b song by the way (:

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  1. Clara your images are amazing....realy, realy gooood !!!