Saturday, 25 June 2011

The countdown begins

hey chicass (:
now its finally weekend, our curriculum week is over (it was about the environment and saving our dear plant).  im meeting up with my julie today and im so happy about it. my mom, julie and me are going to ibiza town today, i didnt go shopping for such a long time, and i dooooo need it so badly.  
the day before yesterday i went to this street party in my village.  it was really good, those photos are from there.   i took far more but those are the best ones.   2 friends of mine slept over in my house, because we could just walk there from my house.   we went to bed kinda late.  well you can imagine how school was the next day. after school i had this tag rugby game against the french school and we won! haha, they failed.
julie is sitting next me right now and wants me to stop writing.
going in the pool now.

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  1. amazings pics...I love most the one with the paited guy ...and the very pale like washed out one...keep on going pictures !!