Friday, 1 April 2011

March Favourites.

i asked my mama to take some photos of my outfit today but she didnt want to...  so i came up with a new idea. here it is:  ill post every new month about my favourite stuff from last month.  (it could be books, make-up,clothes, magazine etc...)   tell me what you think about it...  and here it is!
by the way happy april fools day.  ;)    hope you enjoy it and if not tell me ;)

have a nice weekend


found this in munich.  no idea where its from but im in love with it!

These were my favourite shorts this month and i think theyre gonna stay in my favourites list for a while. :P
i wore them here by the way:

  this is the really cool vintage calvin klein shirt. i bought it in munoch fpr only 15€. what i really like is the colour.  

 I got this shirt in Munich Zara for only 10€. I think it was really worth buying it.You can tie together which is really cute.  

this one is also from the munich vintage store. only 15€. 

     this is my fabulous hat. 6€ in spanish Blanco.  i bought it on tuesday with Julie when we went to town shopping. :)

       H&M dress.  15€ from Munich.  

   bought this really cool ring on thursday in a spanish shop called stradivarius.  love the colour and form.  4€

              Belt is a present.  The cow fur is pretty amazing. 

          Kiehls can seriously be magic.  When ever I have dry lips i put it on and it works immediately.   I can just recommend this.  This package lasts for about 1 year or more.  

            This colour is adorable. My friend gave it to me. Its kinda light purple which is really nice... :D i just love it.

This is "Big Beautiful Eyes“ by Benefit.  It does work.  I put it on every day.  but you can also transform it into party make up!  I really love it!    

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