Sunday, 27 March 2011

what time is it? summer time!

this weekend was soo great!
it started getting awesome when we didnt get any english homework.  maybe im a little to over excited about that, but english homework always takes ages! on friday i didnt really do a lot apart from making sushi and the eat it! (how i told you in my last post. :D)

next day our friend came along and hes a stylist!  well he cut my moms hair and stuff...  and then he wanted to do something with my hair. i didnt really know what, but when it gets to hair i totally trust him. :D he put 5 huge curler into my hair.  it ended up looking so old school! :)

after that successful beauty day i went to maja house. :)  there we watched two movies.  one which was really scary,  i think it was called prom night or something and the other one was a classic chickflick.  guess what it was called... :D  cinderella story!  theyre both great and worth watching them.

then we talked a little about i dunno...   stuff. :D  we went to bed pretty late...

today maja, her mother and siblings and my family went to this beach restaurant.  it was pretty warm but cloudy... :S   but at least it got hotter!  tomorrow its supposed to be 17°C  but... lets just wait right?!  maja took some photos of me and i took some of her and  her brother playing football.  :P 

have a nice week 



Shirt: h&m || shorts: levi’s || glasses: rayban


  1. What fun photos! I love them. That last photo is fierce.