Sunday, 6 November 2011


The months of my birthday.
Its been a while since i posted the last time. 
And alot happened. 

15 of October.
One day before my birthday I made all those cakes with 3 friends. It was so much fun and super yummy. 
16 of October.
I turned 15, finally! I enjoyed being with my friends, getting thrown in the pool, eating tons of cake, unpacking presents... But I also missed my family alot, it was the first time I was not spending my birthday with them. And also my friends from home. But all in all it was a pretty successful day and unforgettable. 
17 of October to 31 of October.
2 weeks in the south of Argentina, called Patagonia.
Lots and lots of hours sitting in the bus, looking out the window and seeing all the time the same landscape. But as soon as we got to our destination the boring landscape always changed into something beautiful. I saw glaciers, wales and went to the End of the World. I travelled with 4 other exchange students and the rest of our travel group was at least over 65.
A beautiful trip.


  1. I am so jealous of you! Argentina looks soo cool! happy late birthday!

  2. argentina is really really cool!
    and thank you! xo